International sipping


Please Order from.


Please send us the following 1-7

1.ご希望の商品 / Items you need and Numbres
(You can confirm item information in each item page.)

2.お名前 / Name

3.郵便番号 / Postal Code

4.住所 / Address

5.メールアドレス / E-Mail

6.電話番号 / Tel NO.

7.決済方法 / How to pay 「credit card」 or 「paypal」

We will make the bill based on information above and send it back to you by mail.

EMSで発送します / We will send by EMS.


Usually takes 5 ~ 10days to almost all countries in Europe, US, Asia.
with tracking No. and Insurance(under 20,000jpy) is included.
Shipping fee is caliculated from the weight of the item. Aside from this,
・the weight of the packing material (about 1kg) is added to this calculation.
・It is your responsibility to pay for custom in your country.

国別の送料/Countries and Territories






The shipping fee of EMS inludes the guarantee for the item price of 20,000 yen and less.
In case the item price exceeds 20,000 yen, the insurance premium of 50 yen is added per 20,000 yen exceed.
Example: Item price : 20,000 yen → insurance premium : 0 yen
Item price : 40,000 yen → insurance premium : 100 yen
※The shipping fee is not covered by the guarantee. Please understand in advance.

We are looking forward to your order! Thank you.